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  • Required Android: 2.3 and up
  • Installs: 10,000,000 - 50,000,000
  • Published/Updated Date: October 20, 2016

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Link2SD is an application manager that makes it easy for Android 2.0+ users on their device to move applications to the SD card. It enables you to manage your apps and storage easily.

✔ Link apk, dex and lib files of apps to SD card
✔ Link internal data of apps to SD card (Plus)
✔ Link external data and obb folders of apps and games to SD card (Plus)
✔ Link dex files of the system apps to SD card (Plus)
✔ Auto clear cache service (Plus)
✔ Automatically link newly installed apps (optional)
✔ Move any user apps to SD even though the app does not support moving to SD ("force move")
✔ Shows the apps that support moving to SD with native app2sd
✔ Set the default install location of the apps; auto, internal, or external
✔ Batch link, unlink, reinstall, uninstall, "move to SD", "move to phone" functions
✔ Notify when movable apps installed
✔ Uninstall system applications (bloatware removal)
✔ Freeze and un-freeze system and users applications
✔ Convert system apps into user apps
✔ Convert user apps into system apps
✔ Integrate "Updated" system apps into system (ROM)
✔ Clear data and cache of the application
✔ Batch clear data and cache of the selected apps
✔ Clear all apps cache at once (1-tap cache cleaner without being root)
✔ Exclusion list for "Clear all app cache" function
✔ Clear cache widget (1-tap cache cleaner without being root)
✔ Notify if total cache size exceeds specified size
✔ Reboot manager includes power off, normal reboot, quick (hot) reboot, reboot recovery, reboot bootloader / download mode
✔ Reboot widget to boot with one click
✔ List applications, show detailed size information and link status
✔ Wide variety of options to sort and filter apps
✔ Search applications by name
✔ Display available space information of internal storage, SD card and SD card 2nd partition
✔ Share the Play Store link or the APK (app's full package) file of the apps
✔ Create shortcut for the apps
✔ Support 40+ languages

How it works:
Linking apps
Link2SD uses a secondary partition on your SD card and uses it as another segment of internal storage.
Link2SD moves apk, dalvik-cache (.dex), lib and internal data files into this partition, which the OS mounts on boot, and creates a symbolic link in the original location.
This retains the file structure that the system expects but with the bulk of the data moved to the SD card.

Linking obb and external data folders of apps and games
On devices that have emulated SD card, obb and external data folders are located in the internal storage, not in the external (real) SD card.
Link2SD moves these folders to the 1st or the 2nd partition of your external SD card (depending on your selection) and with the bind option of the mount command remounts the file hierarchy at external SD card while it is still available at the original location.

What you need:
Linking apps
- root permission
- second partition on SD card

You should have two partitions on your SD card and both should be primary.

You need to use a non-FAT file system (ext2, ext3, ext4 or f2fs) on your 2nd partition in order to link app's private data files. Because the FAT file system (FAT16, FAT32 or exFAT) does not support UNIX file ownership or permissions and will cause a security breakdown of app's private files.
Link2SD does not create the second partition, you need to create it yourself.

Linking obb and external data folders of apps and games
- root permission

Second partition on SD card is optional, folders can be moved to the 1st or 2nd second partition of the SD card.

Link2SD also provides native App2SD feature of Android OS. It can move any user apps to SD card (force move), with batch moving capability.

Link2SD is a free (ad supported) app, you can upgrade to Link2SD Plus to remove ads and get additional features.

DISCLAIMER: It is made available for use at your own risk with no warranty of any kind.

User Reviews

334,197 Total
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This app is very useful. I have a Galaxy Tab E, with 16GB internal storage and a 30GB single partition SD card. I am running Android 6.0.1 and I have a large number of apps installed. Being able to move apps to the SD card easily has proved invaluable. Link2SD show one a list of movable apps, makes moving them simple, and when the apps are loaded they run flawlessly. The app also indicates which apls reside on the SD card. My only issue is that sometimes the apps don't load on startup, although a hard reboot, or start/refresh of the app usually fixes this problem. Perhaps it happens because I only have a single partition SD card and the app seems to want a special Samsung 2 partition SD card. I have done just reached out to the developer and will postpost the results subsequently. Full Review

 Greg R
Greg R
November 23, 2016

BUY THIS APP even if you don't need the extra features. really, for only around $2, the developer has done a fantastic job. i recently rooted my BLU LIFE XL and use this Link2SD with a 32G card to install all of my apps. i love it. it works perfectly, the FAQ is easy to understand and explains things very well. i may try to change the size of my SD card's partitions, or use a 64G card, because this tool is just SO useful! it makes it so that i WANT to load a ton more apps than i used to before (especially all of my Kobo, Kindle, and Google books). Full Review

 David Rhodes
David Rhodes
October 24, 2017

Looked good but it just takes me to an existing screen where I still can't shift the app. I suspect that the app works for many people because they could have shifted the apps anyway - without this. Maybe a bit like taking multivitamins and being sure they're working wonders.... Full Review

 Rinus lepro
Rinus lepro
July 24, 2017

Not working on Android 7.1 rooted. Used it on an older device worked great. Now with a SD with two partitions one fat the other partion ext2 or ext4 the mount script cannot be made. So the whole link2sd won't work at all! So sad because with my old device android 4.2 it worked great! Full Review

 Vasil Stramarko
Vasil Stramarko
January 6, 2018

Didn't work for me. I rooted my phone just to try it. Purchased the app, partitioned my sd card as instructed, but no light. The problem I found, is that the app fails to mount the second sd partition during boot, even if you rebuild the loading scripts from app's menu, leaving you with missing sd installed applications. You have to soft boot to have them back. Even this is a hit or miss task. This app needs more work. I gave up on this. Now I'm using Apps2sd and is working flowless. I'm using lollipop 5.1.1 on a Samsung J3. Apparently the app has problems, supporting all android late versions. Full Review

 Andrzej Polis
Andrzej Polis
January 16, 2017

Doesn't work for my Moto G 2nd gen with CyanogenMod. What I wanted is better support for app2sd functionality (bulk changes). Unfortunately this gives me error that App2SD is not supported on my device. It's not true however and it works perfectly fine from system itself. Full Review

 Loysie Mercado
Loysie Mercado
November 1, 2016

Please fix. Whenever I link my apps to sd and update them, they will revert back to its previous version when I reboot my phone. For example my app is v.7.1 and updated to v7.5. When I reboot it will go back to 7.1 again please fix this overall it's a great app

 Praveen Kumar Nageswaran

How does it exactly works? Mine is a samsung phone which is not rooted.. how to give the root permission? Also how can I partition my external SD card. If you can help me out I am ready to upgrade to the paid version. Full Review

 Paul Julian Gould
Paul Julian Gould
November 26, 2016

Lovely app, and I've used it for years... However, the developer, for whatever reason, has delayed compatibility with Marshmallow + ... Have bought the Pro key, and retain my license, but, until things change drastically, have bought Apps2SD Pro, as the lady developer has stayed current with OS updates. Still, though, I'm amused at those who really don't know how to use their devices, and somehow expect Mr. Akpinar to give a training session. Folks, if you don't know how to root, or to use any of the advanced Android techniques, it's on you to learn... not on a developer of a specific-use app. Mr. Akpinar, when can we expect an update, good sir? You've said that full Marshmallow and Nougat functionality is forthcoming... Android 6.0.1 has been a going thing for more than a year now... Most new devices tend to come with at least that. Full Review